Friday, February 21, 2014

RJR Cotton Supreme Solids Giveaway Winner

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my new pillow!

The winner of the RJR cotton supreme solids bundle is.....

Delaine who said:

Congratulations Delaine!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Simply Solids Re-brand & Giveaway!

Big news from Simply Solids HQ this week... and a giveaway, scroll down for the info!

Justine has teamed up with Lisa to help bring a fresh look and feel to the shop, as well as the new website. Have you seen it by the way? It's lush!

They've restocked a TONNE of kona colours, so if you've been waiting for your favourite to come back in for a while, you can bet it's there now. My favourite kona colour is Glacier. Whats yours?! Charcoal? Chartreuse? Cerise?

So... Simply Solids have teamed up with probably the best magazine in the quilting world right now, Love Patchwork & Quilting, to bring you a giveaway of pretty fantastic proportions!

Just take a mosey over to the Love Patchwork & Quilting facebook page to enter the giveaway!

Friday, February 14, 2014

RJR Cotton Supreme Solids Blog Tour & Giveaway!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my stop on the RJR Cotton Supreme Solids blog tour! 

I’m pretty excited to share with you what I made, because it’s one of the many things I’ve been obsessing over for such a long time without being able to show you.


So recently I moved house. The new house is brand spanking new and whilst its decorated in a really lovely way, it needs some “me” touches. So I made myself a throw pillow for my bed. 


Inspired by the colours in the painting on my bedroom wall, I chose:

Indigo 191
Banana Cream Pie 336
Doll Face 67


I added a bunch of prints in similar colours and whipped up an economy block pillow of 16 blocks made using Rita's tutorial.

I think I gave these solids a pretty good testing because I mixed them with all kinds of different substrates. Standard quilting cotton of all different weights, Echino linen, other Japanese linen, essex yarn dyed... I would definitely say they are a "plays well with others" kind of solid.


They're lovely and soft; I believe the technical term here is that they have a nice "hand", but that phrase makes me laugh so much I can't ever say it in real life ;-) They're not at all cardboard-y (which I have found with some solids...) but they hold a pressed crease really nicely.


And the colours are beautifully vibrant which is exactly what you want in a solid isn't it? Yes. I'm definitely a fan. I super enjoyed working with these RJR cotton supreme solids and I love the final product; which is interesting really because solids aren't usually my go-to choice for projects.

You can find a huge array of RJR Cotton Supreme Solids in stock at Pink Castle Fabrics, and also some at the Fat Quarter Shop. In the UK, well, I can't find a stockist yet but it sounds like a job for Simply Solids doesn't it?! :o)

The goodnews for you guys is that RJR Fabrics is offering a Fat Quarter bundle of each of the colours I picked! Just leave me a comment below to be in with a chance to win. I'll draw the winner in one weeks time. Good luck!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello everyone!

Oh my goodness it’s been a while hasn’t it?! I last blogged in September?! Wow. This year will be the year I get my blogging and sewing mojo back… for sure.

So much has happened over the last few months, I barely even know where to start! I bought my first house(yey!), went away on some holidays (cottage with my sewing besties, Mexico with my family), took up a new hobby that doesn’t involve needles or thread (Pole dancing!), started a new eating plan (Zoe Harcombe), and generally just took some time out for me.

One of the most exciting things that has happened recently is getting an advance copy of my book to look at for the very first time! EEEEP! It will be hitting stores in March I think, and is available for pre-order on amazon right now.

So, shall we start with a look at my new sewing space?

It’s MUCH smaller than my old space, because before I used to sew in my lounge/diner. But I LOVE it. I love that it’s so self-contained. I can make whatever mess I want and then just close the door. It’s the key to a happy life I think.

The room itself is kind of a weird L shape. Teeny tiny box room with a cubby on one side that goes over the stairs. I knew when I first came to look at this house in March last year that it would be mine and this would be my sewing room. I love sitting at my desk and looking out over the street through the little window.

The only requirement I had for this room was that I could have a standing height cutting table. It looks a little weird stuck there in the middle of the wall, and granted I would have much more space without it, but I love it. Standing desks are the way forward people! It’s so much nicer on the old back for cutting and pressing.

It’s not 100% finished yet, I have a couple more bits to put in there like an airplay speaker (because TUNES!), a chalkboard (because DEADLINES! :-S), some fairy lights(because CUTENESS!) and I want to hang a bunch of mini quilts that I have up on that wall there (and possibly with something more permanent than washi tape, haha).

So it’s a bit of a WIP. And will probably never be this tidy again. Ever.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Coming soon to a bookshelf near you...

Is... well, me!

This is my book, Quiltopedia. 

It's the reason for all this blog-radio silence the last few months.

I'm ridonculously excited to see it in actual print, my name on the front cover gives me a little squeeee moment whenever I see it!

Just some final editting stages before it comes out in January (I think, although it may be March!). 

How about a little sneak preview of whats inside?? 

The Welcome Home Pillow, which I designed with my new house in mind (I'm moving any day now, fingers crossed!). It also features some of my favourite prints from Sweetwater's Road 15, their latest line which I loved!

Welcome Home Pillow

A mini quilt, which I called Postcards from Japan. I love how these blocks look like cherry blossom flowers... what better than Japanese prints from SewFreshFabrics to make the petals from?

Postcards from Japan
And this, my favourite project in the whole book. The Obsession quilt. I literaly thought of nothing else but this quilt for about a week. It's made entirely from Art Gallery Fabrics, and quilted in a radiating circle pattern with my favourite Aurifil 40wt in a light natural colour. In fact, all of the projects in the book were pieced and quilted with Aurifil. I went through some spools, let me tell you!

This quilt is 80" square and I cannot wait to have it back in my possession! 

Obsession Quilt
So, thank you to everyone for putting up with me whilst I've been otherwise engaged, and thank you for still visiting! I know some of you still do, I can see it in the stats. Unless its just my mom hitting refresh on my blog every couple of minutes ;-)

Monday, September 09, 2013

Lots of cutting!

In an effort to resurrect my long lost sewing mojo, (sewing? Whats that? I've forgotten what my sewing machine looks like!), I cut out for 2 quilts this weekend.

I've been saying for literally AGES that I'm going to make Tula's Anchors Aweigh quilt (and it will look fabulous when quilted by Trudi and on my bed in my new house). The cutting of 5 million 2" squares slightly put me off though. 

Cutting out for new quilts!

But it's done now. And super organized into little baggies so I can keep track.

Cutting out for new quilts!

The girls and I are going away in November for a sewing weekend and I was thinking this would be my project. But now it's all cut out I kind of want to sew it up! Apparently this little exercise worked!

Then I cut out for the Flower Girl quilt I need to make for my parents.

Cutting out for new quilts!

Again, organized it all into little baggies of pieces to make 2 blocks. There's 20 x 16" blocks in the quilt, so I'm hoping if the urge to turn on Hallie and sew away mindlessly for an hour or so strikes me, I can just grab a bag and get going. Thats what I'm telling myself anyway.

Cutting out for new quilts!

In reality I'm moving house in the next few weeks, so I really should be packing up the sewing stuff (eeek! See how messy it is up there?! Ooopsies!). Trust me to get the bug again when I really don't have the time!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

St Louis 16 Patch

I'm so excited, today I can finally share with you one of the many secret projects I've been working on! And ever one to make an entrance, this project is the BIGGEST quilt I've ever fully sewn myself (i.e. not sent out to be quilted). Seriously, if size matters, this one is a total winner.


Ever since I saw the St Louis 16 Patch sew-along going on over on Instagram I yearned to join in. I had to make a wedding quilt for friends of a friend so I decided to use this pattern so I could get it out of my system and stop obsessing.


The pattern is SUPER simple, which was exactly what I needed to get me back into the sewing swing of things, and the blocks come together so quickly! It pretty much took me one day to make the blocks and one day to finish everything else. It's THAT quick.


The recipients of this quilt are just about as mad on all things American as I am. And since I have no idea what any of their decor looks like, I just decided to go big and bold and use Red and Navy and Aqua. Some of the blocks maybe don't work quite as well as others, but looking at it as a whole... I rather like it!

This quilt is also a great way to use up fabric in your stash. You get 2 blocks from 2 contrasting FQ's, which means I used 42 FQ's! Wowee! Oh yes, here's my initial fabric pull...

I backed it in my favourite Ikea Numbers print, because I have a whole bolt of it and in this case it really suited the quilt. For the label, as well as putting my standard one, I also hand emrbroidered a design from their wedding invitation and the date they got married...


If I do say so myself, I'm pretty proud of that! Y'all know that stitchery type stuff is not really my forte!


As you can see, I quilted a simple crosshatch through the centre of the blocks. I seriously toyed with the idea of FMQ, but dragging a quilt that size through my sewing machine was not an easy feat! There's so much going on colour and pattern wise that I'm glad the quilting is pretty simple. 


Bound in navy bias-cut gingham, a firm favourite of mine, this quilt is good and ready for its new home!

Quilt Stats
Size: 84" x 98"
Fabric: Red, Aqua and Navy prints all from stash

Quilting: Diagonal Crosshatch

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