Thursday, September 30, 2010

Swap squares and a Quip

Quip. One of my favorite words. A joke, a smart remark, a witty comment. And also, get this... A QUILT-IN-PROGRESS!!! Don't you just love it!?! I sincerely hope I made that up, I think I did... I've never heard it before. Has anyone heard it before? 

This week I've been knittingquiltingcrochetingcookingworkingsleepingeatingquilting. I could really use a break...! I feel like it been chasing my tail all week, partly because I've suddenly been imposed with a few deadlines, and partly because I'm just dog tired. I finished my swap squares on Monday night, along with cutting all my fabric for my new quilt. Tuesday night was spent piecing pinwheels, and Wednesday night, my oh my what a flurry of activity! My quilt went from a pile of pinwheels, to a completed top!

But first, the swap squares. My lady this month is from Lynwood, California, Across the pond! I shan't link her, as the swap is a secret and I don't want to ruin the surprise. Anyway, her favorite colours are reds. Now, I found this colour combo pretty difficult not being a lover of red. Its not that I don't like the colour, I just found it hard to picture a nice pattern that would work with red. Its not really like you can mix a whole bunch of reds up and hope for the best, like you could with say, blue or green. Red is red is red. I eventually settled on an old faithful, the summer garden granny square. Its simple, but can be customized easily with fancy colours, and I love the way the centre starts as a circle. So ingenious, and so different. Thanks again Lucy ♥ 
I went for a sort of sunburst pattern, and its reverse. I couldn't very well just do plain red could I? I really like the 2 squares with the dark on the outside... not so sure about the ones edged in yellow.

It then struck me, since the only colour my lady had specified was red, what is she really only likes red! What if she hates yellow and orange and coral and pink and mauve? What if her one burning desired is to literally, paint the town (or at least her little corner of it) red. (The "red" count in this post is pretty high, 12 now to be precise. I'll stop yapping in a mo). I had to do a plain one, just to appease my nerves. Which of course I don't like as much, but maybe she will.

Moving on now to the quip, (Ha, qu-i-p, can't get over that! Love it). Its for a little girl called Gracie. Born 16/09/2010. My first commissioned quilt. Of course I'm not making any money from it, in fact I'm probably loosing it. I only charged for the prints, since I had loads of white at home.
Speaking of prints, this ones lovely! Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane range, bought here. I wish I hadn't cut the hst's so small though, in some of them the prints are really lost. Anyway, its a standard 4x5 baby quilt, I made a pieced border out of 5 jelly roll strips I had kicking around, I think its the Spring Magic range by Moda. 2 pieced white borders later, and the top is done.

I want to back, quilt and bind it this weekend really. Problem is, I need to order some yardage. I thought the darker pink fabric (below) would go best for the back, balance out all that green you know. What do you think?
Or maybe one of the white and pink prints and use that dark pink for the binding? Either way, if I can't find something good at Dunelm on Saturday morning (which is highly possible, their fabric range is atrocious!) then I'm gonna order yardage. Which means it'll have to wait till next week. Let me know what you think about the binding and backing... I love to read all your comments! ♥♥♥

And as a side note, today would have been my beautiful best friends 22nd Birthday. So, Happy Birthday to you Em. Miss you as always xxx


  1. This is the first I heard of QUIP. Be warned, if there is popular quilter out there and they read this, they will probably take the credit for when they use it.

    I had it happen to me on Rav when years ago, I said I like to spin fibers from other dyers, even though I dyed my own for sale. I said that spinning your own dye jobs was like eating your own cooking. I was complimented on my analogy. Fast forward a couple years, the same popular spinner who told me that, used it on a message I read, and took credit for coming up with it. Maybe she forgot that she read it from someone else. Just saying...

    Anyway... pretty quilt top. The red squares, I'm not a red person either. I love the sunburst squares. Does your swap partner have a blog that you can go look at her other projects?

  2. oh crumbs what a dilemma? now i like the thought of a bright pink print as backing i really do but i also think it will work fabulously well as the binding to tie it altogether ooh decisions decision's, good luck on that score. And don't fret too much on the red theme i presume as long as there's red somewhere in there she'll be happy :0) good luck babe much luv Amanda xx

  3. I have made a quilt from the Nicey Jane Range. Even though the pattern is quite different the effect is the same. Strange, that. I found your blog through Amy's Quilt Festival. It works!

  4. I don't know a thing about quilts but your photos are gorgeous and I might have a hobby coming up, I think


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