Monday, October 25, 2010

Teatime for Sally and a bit of nostalgia

Sounds like a Children's book right? Not quite... It's a Christmas present for my Sister! I know a few of you have been really interested in what I was going to do with that super-cute cupcake and tea cup fabric, especially you Manda! And of course I was super-mean and gave you sneak peak and then left you hanging for a while...Sorry! But now I can officially reveal Sally's Teatime Table-Runner. Lets hope she doesn't read my blog eh? (oh, and apologies for the poorly light pictures, its dark when I get home now, and I can't wait till the weekend).

This was the first time that I've done all-over stippling. I was persuaded to do it after seeing my new bloggy/knitty/all-round-lovely friend Sarah's first quilt, which looks amaaaaaaazing!



I'm so glad I eventually plucked up the courage to jump in to the free hand machining world. I love love love this lil' quilt. (And I think I might have mastered the technique enough now to try it on a full sized one... second Sisters Christmas pressie is ready and waiting!)

Theres a bit of, ahem... back-story, to the backing fabric. (Sorry... It had to be done!) My Mom recently donated like, 2 or 3 yards of this stuff to me, thanks Momma! Apparently its a vintage Laura Ashley print, which she used to make MY VERY OWN baby quilt, all those years ago. Of course she got all teary and nostalgic when she gave it to me, bless ♥. Mom never really got into quilting, and apparently wasn't all that pleased with this baby quilt she made me. I asked her if she still had it and she said she doesn't and can't remember what happened to it. I don't ever remember seeing it, so it must have disappeared sometime before I grew up old enough to remember. 

This little story, and a blog post that I read the other day and can't for the life of me remember where, got me thinking about being a kid, and I wanted to show you something. My one true friend that has stuck by me through thick and thin! Through my whole life he's been there to mop up tears, snot, the occasional vomit etc. More recently his duties has been somewhat less, ummm... grim. But he still keeps a watchful eye over the kitties when I am at work. His name is Teddy. Or Special Ted. He's missing an eye, half of one ear, 3/4 of the other, his fur is rubbed raw in places, and theres a weird purple mark on his back. But he's still Teddy. And he still smells like comfort. 

Teddy (and me) circa 1989.

Teddy (and Beaker) Today.

Did any of you have a Special Ted when you were kids? Do you still have them now? ♥♥♥


  1. The teddies that my hubs and I both had as babies are sitting side by side in a rocker on the sleeping porch. Love the quilt...great, now I want to start ANOTHER craft!

  2. yes yes yes love it!! i do i do that fabric is gorgeous!! and aww sweet lil ted. I don't have any thing's like that from yonder years :(

  3. Loved your post! I have a teddy named George I have had forever. Mom loves to tell the story of her carrying it around the store and even strapping it into the seat belt when she got it. He sits on my bed.

  4. I still have my baby teddy bear!! His name is Colours because he's white except for on the bottom of his feet and hands, which are different pastel colours. hehe He's still with me!! :D

    That's so cute that the laura ashley fabric has history. I love it. :)


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