Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy 1st November!

I was at work today, happily working away... typeytypetype, teayummytea, headscratchyproblem, oh look its 4pm almost home time! Wait. Its dark outside????!!! Seriously...?! It looked like midnight. Not 4pm. Where did the day go? The times sure are a changin', as they say. 

This weekend, amongst the ridiculous amount of sewing I did for my secret project, I somehow managed to finish a quilt! Alice's Headliner Quilt. (I named it that whilst piecing the block and it kind of stuck). 

Whats black and white and red all over? 
A Penguin in a Blender? A badger with the Measles?

Nope, keep guessing... A Newspaper!!! 

The fabric is by John Louden, bought at the Fabric Guild. And the pattern, a classic Garden Trellis by Pam and Nicky Lintott from their Jelly Roll Quilts book. Don't you think its pretty? My favourite print is the little shooting stars, white on black.

 This was only my second attempt at freehand quilting, and I think it went okay... ish. Because the quilt was bigger, I obviously wanted to do a larger stippling pattern, with wider curves and bobbly bits. In some places though I think I went a bit overboard and the gaps between stitch lines got a bit too big. Ah well, we live and learn.

 The back of the quilt shows the stitching really well, and it isn't as shiny or wet-look as the picture makes out. Its just a plain black satin-feel cotton. The same fabric range as the red backing on my Christmas Strip Twist, and the pink on Graces Baby quilt. I think the border in red really sets off the whole black and white theme and makes the prints pop!

 I think I might just be in time with this post to enter Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival. If you haven't heard of it before its an amazing collection of bloggy peoples quilts, all collected together for your viewing pleasure. Seriously, pop on over and have a look, theres pages and pages of awe inspiring quilts. Its browsing bliss! 

Hoping you all had a good Halloween weekend, we only got one trick or treater... Which was probably just as well because the only thing I could have offered them was a bag of (past their sell by date) mixed nuts. Sewing trumps grocery shopping any day. ♥♥♥ 


  1. Molto bella la tua trapunta!
    Ciao Domenica

  2. Ugh, I HATE how early it gets dark now. Makes me want to make a hot toddy and go to sleep.

    Love the quilt, the fabric is gorgeous.

  3. you sure are knocking these out super quick! and they're fabulous lovey keep up the stunning work xx

  4. I've been collecting black and white prints, waiting for the right pattern. This is quite lovely!

  5. Wow that quilt is a stunner! I love it. I must learn to quilt.

  6. The black and white in your quilt makes a stunning finish!

  7. That is simply stunning! I am not looking forward to the early darkness either but it does help me rationalize sitting around knitting.

  8. Your quilt is stunning, it looks fabulous in the black and white, and I love the red binding.

  9. I think you did a great job with the quilting. The pattern looks great with your fabric choices.

  10. This quilt design works so well in the black and white.
    It looks stunning!

  11. I really like your quilt and the choice of fabrics.


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