Friday, July 01, 2011

Hello Sailor

Have you ever forgotten to blog something super important?

I hadn't, until I was looking back through last months posts and realized the post I was planning in my head for at least two months never quite made it out of there.

I offer up the fact that this was a secret quilt for my BFF who often reads my blog, as my excuse. But there is no excuse really, especially as this is probably my favourite quilt to date. Not because of its outstanding technique or unique design, I mean after all it's just a bog standard courthouse steps block.... but I just love the way the colours work together, I love the linen sashing and I loved the process of making it. 

I knew I wanted to make Tash a quilt right from the get go, and she had hinted (not so subtly mind you) about a Cath Kidston style quilt. Now anyone who has read my blog for more than 5 minutes can probably guess that Cath Kidston is not really my style. I can do cutesy girly at a push, and some of her prints I do really love, but to make a whole quilt out of CK fabrics? Do I hear "Floral overload?"....  

I also knew that Tash was redecorating her bedroom soon, and she loved the current nautical fashion trend. One trip to the fabric quilt and numerous fat quarters later, I devised a quilt, with an emphasis on spots/stars (inspired by CK) and nautical elements (boats, anchors, colour scheme). 

I pieced the blocks in one evening. Weird I know, I just could not get enough of this quilt. 

I think I started with 6" squares and 2" strips, but I've been to bed since then...

I trialled a few different sashings; I was going to go with plain white, but then a few of the white prints would have been lost. I could have gone with plain red, but I think that might have been a bit OTT. So I settled on something I had just enough of in my stash. A nice natural linen. 

This was the perfect choice, because it really toned down the red, and brought out the white, and just seemed to complement everything really nicely.  

I did minimal quilting on this one. Just stitched in the ditch around all the seam lines. I wanted it to be really soft and snuggly, instead of quilted into submission. It retained quite a bit of loftiness, even after washing and line drying.  

For the back, I managed to squeeze it into a 2 yard length of  my favourite print from the front. The anchors. 

I don't know what line the fabric is from, nor its fiber content, but it was gloriously soft. Almost like a cotton voile.  I mean, it puckered like a b*tch. But I think I'm okay with that. Tash certainly liked it anyway, and it planning her bedroom makeover around the quilt! I'll count that as a win then. 

Quilt Stats
Size: approx 50" x 65".
Fabric: Various red, white and blue prints from The Fabric Guild. Source unknown.
Binding: White on Navy polka dots, recycled dress. 
Pattern: Courthouse steps blocks.
Quilting: Stitch in the ditch outlining the squares.


  1. I do love a red, white combi and I love the linen sashing. I use a lot of linen too and just love the effect it gives. Well done you.

  2. Gorgeous quilt and such a lucky BFF. Though as a former sailor I must say that 'Hello Sailor' brings back all sorts of memories - some of them a little scary!

  3. Very nice too!
    You'll have a little red 'n' white to go in your July siggy and the odd insertion then!!

  4. Lovely quilt! The anchor fabric is so much fun!

  5. BEEEEEEEyooouuuuuTEEEEful!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. This is really lovely LJ! I'm sure your friend will be over the moon to get such a special handmade gift. Jxo


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