Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kindle Love

It's my granny's birthday this week and my parent's bought her a kindle (yup, major green eyed monster going on right now). 

I soooo want a kindle. I always thought, until I'd actually seen one in the flesh, "Why would anyone get a kindle, when they can get an iPad which does the same and more?". But it's just so cute and light and dinky, and just a little bit sexy. Mmmmmmm, kindle love. And you can read it in bright sunlight. A major plus if ever there was one :-)

Anyway, I don't have a kindle. But I do have fabric and thread. Which is why when I saw Heather's Kindle Case Tutorial over at one of my favouritest bloggyplaces, I knew it would make the perfect gift. 

I didn't bother with the paper pieced diamonds. Not least because I suck at it. My granny is a no-frills kinda lady, so I stuck to a pretty palette, with not too much faff. Perfect for an 82 year old :-)

The only other modification I made was to sew the lining about half an inch shorter as it was really really baggy on the inside (almost certainly my fault, not the pattern's). I also top-stitched around the opening, just for a little extra strength and pizazz. 

It's still a little bit "crinkly" on the back, because I had to use 2 layers of thin iron-on interfacing, as opposed to one layer of thick. Next time I'm going to search out some fusible fleece to make it extra-cosy for Mr. Kindlepants.

Yup, I've nicknamed my kindle before I've even bought one. 

That's just how I roll. 

P.S. For those enquiring minds who are still wondering what came of my quilt error... the dye stuff STILL hasn't arrived, so I am STILL keeping it wet, in the bath. I hope to have more news to share with you soon! 


  1. The girls have kindles and they are fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone. I have kindle reader on my iPad which is great - but ease, weight and reading I think the kindle beats everything else. I had/have a Sony Reader and never use it because it is crap. So much reflection from the screen, heavy and cold to hold. Get yourself a kindle or ask for one for Christmas.

  2. I got hubby one for his birthday last year (after protesting, me not him, that books are better), but I am still a bit jealous!

  3. Lovely kindle cover, and I love the fabrics! I know the blue one, whats the green?
    Cant believe your dylon stuff hasnt arrived yet! That totally sucks.

  4. Love it! and love that Mr Kindlepants will have a sleeping bag too :)

  5. Your kindle cover is beautiful Laura. Lucky Granny!

  6. Your granny is going to be so happy! What a lucky lady. Since you just had a birthday, will Mr Kindlepants be on Santa's list?

    PS: Come on over to Fluffy Sheep Quilting and join in our swap. It would be fun to have you there :)

  7. I have a Mr Kindlepants and he's been sleeping naked! I hope to make one before I go away for the weekend. Great work!

  8. I was anti kindle too until I actually got to hold one. I've been wanting one ever since but with a mountain of paperbacks to get through I can't justifty the purchase. I so want one so I can make a case for it too!

  9. I love my Kindle. I only use it outside the house, but it was fabulous to be able to take it on holiday this summer and read 11 books in 2 weeks for next to no extra luggage weight. Flying with Sleasyjet, that will always be a bonus!

    Boo to the Dylon stuff still not arriving - you could probably have visited the factory and got it first hand by now!

  10. This is lovely! What a cool Granny you have! Jxo

  11. I love my iPad.. so colorful and you can do so many more things on it. I wish I had a pretty bag for mine! Hmmm.. maybe a crochet project. Hope you've come to see my camping trip pix on my blog..
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. I love your kindle cover! It makes me want to re-make the cover I made for my hubby's Kindle. It's not nearly as pretty as yours!


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