Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pillow Fight!!!

Today's post will be a similar affair to yesterday's, because I seem to be participating in 2 swaps with very similar time schedules. I'm also mama-ing in the Brit Quilt Swap, which is pretty darn exciting in my book! I'm pretty glad my BQS partner doesn't want a Christmas themed pillow else I might get Christmassed-out... Wait. Who am I kidding! I'll never be Christmassed-out!

Once again I can't share my partners mosaic with you, lest I ruin the surprise. I do have to say though, for the first time I was not 100% inspired by their mosaic. Nothing against my partner, who is wonderfully talented, its just everything in it was so vastly different from everything else, there was no unifying theme. From stalking her favourites and photostream, it is evident that our taste's differ vastly.  I'm not trying to put a downer on it, because I guess I am still having fun, I just encountered my first swap where I didn't immediately know what to make based on their mosaic. And I guess I'm doubting myself because I normally just make something I would be happy to receive in the vague hope that it's good enough, but in this case I don't think I can apply the same logic. Yep, quilting and logic in the same sentence. Weird post today. Feel free to skip to the end if you like. 

This is my mosaic, if you are interested: 

If you are reading this partner… anything like the above would be fantastic!!! I like rainbow colours, or greens/greys/aquas/purples/black/vintage/linen (I could go on...). Anything with a text print would score you ultimate brownie points. A christmas pillow would also be fine :-) If you click through to this mosaic in my photostream, you can see I have annotated each picture with what I like about it.

(Apologies in advance for the crappy pictures below, I'd handily misplaced my camera this morning).  

My designs so far are barely more than a squiggle on my notepad at work, I always doodle when I'm on the phone and these days I tend to doodle quilts more than anything.  So do take these with a smidge of salt. I have 3 main ideas:

Dresdens – 4 small or one large. Maybe a half Dresden. (currently my favourite). Outlined in hand stitching? Echo quilted? Buttons?

Hexies – Arranged in a flower/around the world type colour scheme. Dark to light. And yes, that does say phlange. Stitch in the ditch and hand quilted to pick out individual hexies. 

HST geese – maybe change the direction on alternate columns? Really scrappy background colours with purple being the goose shape. Or maybe zig zags? Meh. This ones kinda boring. But not if thats what you like, and my go!baby would make it super accurate ;-) Straight line quilting? 

I'm on a strict no fabric diet for the rest of the month, so I'm trying to work from my stash for this project. Luckily a lovely bunch of pink fat quarters arrived on my doorstep this week from Becky over at my fabric obsession. Yey! Thanks Becky!

 I chose a few more pinks and teamed them with orange and purple to create that elusive initial fabric pull.

I'm not so sure on the really dark purples… I think I might loose a couple and replace them with lighter orange, possibly a few yellow (although my partner doesn't like yellow). Lilacs or light purples would go brilliantly, but my stash contains approximately zero. It definitely needs a little something though… any ideas?


  1. Your ideas look great and I love the half Dresden! If your partner really doesn't like yellow then how about taking out the aubergine purples (far left and fourth from left) and picking out a bit of the blue that's in (or looks to be in!) the fabric on the far right in the back row? It's hard to tell from a photo though so I'd trust your instinct and if you feel it needs a splash of yellow then add some, I'm sure your partner will love it!

  2. apart from the mosaic none of the pictures will load for me! :-( I'll pop back later and see if it's working then. I feel like I'm missing out on seeing some serious goodness!

  3. But WHY does it say Phlange?? Your fabric pull is great, your ideas are lovely - you've got nowt to worry bout!

  4. I can see the piccies now!!!! Chrome must have had a moment. I kind of wish I couldn't though because I want all those designs made up with every single one of those fabrics. I have next to no purple in my stash but I love it so. And with all those other colours...Ooooh I'm drooling on my laptop. :-)

  5. Love that half dresden and the geese! Your purples are scrummy and whereas I wouldn't say I adore yellow a little primrose would certainly lift the colour scheme - there is yellow and there's yellow after all - maybe she doesn't like in your face yellow

  6. I think the half dresden design a brilliant idea. I also love the colours and fabrics you've got to do it with. All your design ideas are though. I can't wait to see what you decide to go with.

  7. Your ideas are brilliant and the colours marvellous. You will take traditional and still give it a wonderful modern twist. If you walk a fine line you may convert your partner to the joys of modern quilting! I like the half dresden idea, by the way. In those marvellous vivid colours!

  8. I love the dresden pattern and to do it in the pinks and oranges, with maybe a smattering of the purple, would look fantastic

  9. The colours are fab, nothing to worry about there...! I'm not sold on Dresdens generally (I think it's because they feel a bit girly for our house, if you know what I mean), but adore the other two designs!

  10. Love the idea of the half dresden with those colours, and hey, a little yellow to lift it would probably not be the end of the world for your partner, I'm sure :o)

  11. I think my mosaic is quite a hard one too thinking about it now! Hope my partner doesn't struggle or worry. I'm sure your partner will love whatever you make, all your ideas look great

  12. that's a great mosaic. a lot of inspiration there!

    i am always a fan of hexies!

  13. Joining your blog as a follower after seeing the wonderful photos Jodi shared on Pleasant Home today!


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