Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Bundle of Fun

Ive made a couple more! I woke up crazy early today, the first number was a 5!, so I whiled away a couple of hours making Bundles for Katy and Brenda's contest.

This one, I'm naming Geeky Fish Love. I'm thinking it would make a great man quilt. You know, the one he can leave in his man cave and pretend not to love but actually snuggle it secretly when you are away. Yep. That kind of quilt.

The next one, I'm calling Sushi Date. Partly because the colours remind me of the different coloured plates you get at Yo Sushi, and partly because the first time I had sushi was on a first date there. (Read - weird and awkward, but fun nonetheless).

I'm seriously loving these crosshatches. For someone who's ever so slightly scared of solids, they are a perfect gateway drug.

Geeky Fish Love Fabrics:

Sushi Date Fabrics:


  1. I think Yo! Sushi is an ace first date. I married John because he bought three deserts our first date because I couldn't make my mind up!

  2. I really love the cross hatches. If I were LOADED I'd be getting a few yards of all of them....

  3. I completely agree with Sarah!! Hope you sleep better tonight!

  4. Oh my gosh!! Love them both but I'd totally want the second one for me :)

  5. Love the fabrics and the names are genius!! =D

  6. Oooh, loving the Geeky Fish bundle!!!

  7. You're hilarious! You definitely have a future in fabric design, you've already got the fabric naming thing down! Am particularly loving the Geeky fish love fabrics :) xx


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