Monday, March 19, 2012


I've been instagramming like crazy recently. Here's a few of my recent pics:

Loving my new geek glasses.

It seems my cupcakes are in high demand. A little restock of pretty cases was in order.
I took this to bed and had fabric filled dreams.

A new lot of rainbow charms arrived!
Uber cute cupcakes. 
Rainbow charms sorted with the others. Start of a new project.
A favourite quilt. And cat.
My new Kona colour card!! Aka, cat fort.


  1. Great new glasses. Very chic! I got my Kona Colour Card the other day and I think its going to be very useful. One day I'll make a quilt big enough to fit my bed.

  2. Gorgeous new specs LJ! V.sophisticated. Looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with your rainbow charms. Jxo

  3. Great specs! If I knew what instagrams was I'd make comments but you know you are talking to the technically challenged about that stuff! Fab Cat fort! Purrrrrrfect!

  4. Letting the goober out? I love it! You're lookin' fab!
    How do you like your designing book? I've been peeking at it online too...
    Yummy charms!

  5. Fab new specs gorgeous :-) Off to check out instagrams...

  6. Love the specs! Wish I looked good in geek specs. I just look like an uber geek!!

  7. Loving the geeks... and being one myself, I say you are tres chic.

  8. The only reason I want an iphone is instagram. Alas, I like my blackberry for everything else. LOL

  9. Wooo Geeks rule!!!
    The cupcakes and cases look adorable!!!
    Woo fabric! gotta love it!

    I'm holding a small swap over at my blog if anyone is interested please pop over for a look =D

  10. Looking good there roomie!

    I can't instagram until they get round to releasing the Android version, ho hum!

  11. I dig those glasses - fab! And cute cup cake cases x

  12. Fabulous specs! Love the cakes - is there one left?!!

  13. Love the specs - very chic geek ;-)

  14. Brilliant! You're so gorgeous :)
    Cat fort... hahahaha!

  15. I still love that quilt. Did you tell me if it is a pattern or if you designed it?


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