Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tag - You're it!

Katy, my roomie for Sewing Summit chased me down and caught me. Not that hard, I don't run very fast.

She posed 11 questions which I must answer, and in turn pose 11 more, to 11 of my friends.

Not sure what the fascination with the number 11 is, but here we go:

1. If you had a whole day entirely to yourself when you could do anything you want, go anywhere you want, and money was no object, what would you do?
I'd be in Alaska. I'd take a cruise up the sound for a spot of whale watching, then hop on a 4x4 and delve into the wilderness to see the bears and glaciers. Then, I'd top off the day with a nightcap under the northern lights.

2. Where is your favourite holiday spot?
Ooooh this is a hard one! I love to ski, so anywhere I can ski is a safe choice. I loved Ischgl, in Austria, the best I think. But then, nothing quite beats a trip to the south coast of the UK.

3. What is your favourite time of the year?
Winter! Snuggly jumpers, cosying under quilts and Christmas!

4. What's the favourite part of your garden, if you have one, and if not, what would you like to have?
My garden is a 2m square yard. No plants, no nothing. But my parents have a lovely wooded area and nature pond in their garden. Its lovely there!

CK Sewing Caddy

5. What is your favourite book ever?
Time Enough for Love by Robert Heinlein. I'm a die hard science fiction fan.

6. What is your favourite tactile fabric?
I love how cord feels. I remember I had a pair of bright pink cords as a teenager and I used to love running my hands up and down them (in a non weird way, of course).

7. I've come round for dinner - I don't like fish, lamb or avocados, and am deathly allergic to bananas and kiwi fruit, so what are you making me?
Moroccon Lamb Tagine with banana fritters for after? Ha. She'll get me back for that in SLC I'm sure.
Okay, being serious, I'd probably make chicken and lentil curry (kiwi on the side).

8. I've won the lottery and I'm buying all my friends one special gift, what would you like?
A MacBook please. But I know she won't buy me that, Katy's very anti-mac. So... A flashgun for my camera? That'll do nicely thank you.

9. I'm running the ideal job centre, where we can find you any job you'd like, what would it be?
Coffee shop/bistro owner, with a shop on the side, which sells the best fabric and yarn you'll ever see! Oh, and it has a studio at the back for classes. Bliss!

10. You get a class that is a captive audience for whatever you'd like to teach them, what would it be?
How to knit in the round. Took me bloody ages to figure it out, I wish I'd had a teacher.

11. You have a day to spend with anyone you like in the world, who would it be?
Oh this is a hard one. I think I'd like to teleport up to the Shetland Isles, and visit with my buddy Sarah and her lovely Elliecat.

EllieCat doing her thing. Image found on Sarah's Blog.
We could walk around the beautiful scenery, I could swoon over the yarn shops and Shetland lace, and we would laugh like old women. Then, when she fell asleep, as she invariably would, I'd riffle through her cupboard and pinch some of the stash ;-)

Okay, my questions are:

1. Do you have a favourite colour? If so, why are you drawn to it?
2. Are you an animal lover? Any pets?
3. If money was no object, what's your dream holiday?
4. Do you have any weird eating habits?
5. Whats the worst injury you've ever had?
6. How many houses have you lived in throughout your life?
7. How did you meet your current partner/ love interest?
8. What's your favourite movie?
9. Who are you listening to right now?
10. If you had to pick one favourite blog, who's would it be?
11. If you had to pick one favourite quilt, who's/which one would it be?

And I'm tagging:

Erin @ Why Not Sew?
Emily @ Strawberry Patch
Nikki @ Sew Quine
Ruth @ Cherry Coloured Twist
Sarah @ Fairy Face Designs
Jo @ Bearpaw 
Jennie @ Little Stitch
Ceri @ Inspired by Felix
Rhonda @ Quilter in the Gap
Judith @ Needles and Lemons
Toni @ Hoosier Tony


  1. Great post - I'm enjoying getting to know people more through these posts!

  2. Thanks for the laugh, I had fun learning some new things about you.

  3. Two full summers of working the Alaska run on the ships means I can give you advise on what are the best things to do. Love your answer for number 11 - think I want to come too!

  4. Oh if only you had that teleporter... Lol x

  5. Your #9 is exactly what I'd put if I had to answer that question. :o)

  6. Weeelll, I might run to a mac book, and then dunk it in the tagine ;o)

  7. Great answers! I love reading these random bits!

  8. Right, I am going to have to have words with that Katy; mind you, if she loves using a PC she has got to be a bit backward! xxx

  9. I'm with Hadley, I ADORE my mac :)
    Love the answers - also love winter and cord-u-roy, you have to say it like that!! :)

  10. Aww you tagged me, and I'm only just catching up! Thanks lovely. Great answers, I'd so be hanging onto your heels to hitch a lift up to Shetland (with Felix hanging onto me!). and when you get back to the south coast, you have to come and say Hi! xx


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