Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A techie tutorial, of sorts

Whilst at the Fat Quarterly retreat, a number of people asked me about blogging from my phone. I appear to have become the go-to person for techie sorts of questions, which is not all together surprising considering my day job... but most of the time I'm just muddling through myself!

My dear friend and fellow Brit Bee, Terri wanted to know how to do the little linky things. Terri has just started blogging (about time too in my humble opinion! She's a hoot!) so if everyone would like to go give her a big bloggy welcome, I would be much obliged. Anyway, I digress... onto the linky things. And blogging from my phone.

I use an app called BlogPress. I think it was about £1.99. There is a free app called Blogger, but I find this one MUCH easier/better to use. 

To start with, you have to link your google account to the app so that it can post for you. This is under the settings tab, access by clicking the settings button on the bottom right of the screen. NB: These screenshots are taken from the iPhone version of the app. It may be slightly different from an iPad.

My blog is already linked, but to add one I would click "Add another blog". This takes you to the screen where you can input your  service provider (it supports many) and account details.

After it is linked, click the "Write" tab to start writing a post. It looks like this when you first open the app:

You can add a title, and a geotag, and then tap into the main body of the text to start your post.

This will bring up the keyboard and you can start typing. I am going to write "This is a link to google." And I want to make the "link to google" part a web link so that people can click on it and go to google. To do so, I write the text before I want the link to appear, then I click the Insert HTML button  which looks like this: "</>" and is in the top right corner.

There's lots of things you can do here, but I'm just looking at adding a link. I click the "A" section, labeled insert text with hyper link. (For inquiring minds, it is labeled A because the html tag is known as an anchor, and starts "<a....")

This brings up a screen where you add the link information. You want to type the URL (the bit that starts www) into the "Link" box, and the link text as you want it to appear in the text box. Then tap "done".

It will now show you the write screen again, and you can see it has added the html code to make a link. I just stuck a full stop at the end, after the html code, to end my sentence. 

When you are done writing, there is a save button in the top right corner of the screen. I would suggest always using the "Save and Preview" before publishing right away. The preview of my test blog post looks like this:

I would also suggest removing the blogpress signature that they apply to each post. You can turn this off, or change it, in the settings under "Blog Signature".

When you are happy with the post, tap the "Publish Now" button to post to your blog. Simples! I wrote a post on saturday night using this app and it always works fine for me.

In case anyone wants to know how to add links to their posts from within the blogger app... It again, is fairly simple. 

Just highlight the text you want to be a link, and click the link button as shown in the picture below.

Type the URL and the text as you want it to appear, and click OK. 

I did say it was simple! Hope that helps!


  1. Fabulous tutorial! If I ever get a phone capable of blogging I'll be back!

  2. Thank you, I am going to give this a try.

  3. You make it sound so easy! I'm fairly new to blogging and still haven't managed to figure out how I reply to comments!! (If anyone knows please tell me!)

  4. when i get my iphone i will be back! ;)

  5. Thank you for that, I have now posted on my blog from my phone, I think I may have messed up the link though, need to try that one again.

  6. wow, a gal with many talents, sewing, quilting, blogging, techie and so much more!

  7. I am not bothering again until next year!! xxx

  8. i have a blackberry and they seem to be incapable of most things, including blogging!

  9. My hero! but what's an i-phone! lol

  10. Thanks for the tutorial! =D

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog. Feel free to stop by and enter (if you haven't already) =D

  11. Thank you!
    I just bought myself an Smart phone and gave myself a brain cell implosion figuring out how to blog from it. I will try your blog app because the other (free) is making me crazy (no preview that I could find).

    Glad you had a good time at the FQ retreat.

  12. Thanks for the tutorial Laura, I'm bookmarking it for sure.

  13. Fantastic tutorial! Thank you x

    I have Blogger on my phone and it's awful. Must download BlogPress.

  14. Thanks Laura. I'm going to have a little go at this. Is it easy to insert photos? Di x

  15. I'll have to try that one...I tried the blogger app and it was rubbish and have been looking for an alternative :-)

  16. Very unrelated to your post.....I've been a follower for quite some looking forward to the purse swap! Deborah

  17. Thanks for the tip about blog press. I'm using Blogger on an itouch while travelling France and im not liking it much as all the photos just go at the end.

  18. You're a star with a capital STAR! Thank you, will use it tonight when my head is a bit clearer. xxx


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