Monday, July 15, 2013

Fat Quarterly Retreat 2013

Hello lovely people. Its been a full-on circus at my house recently and sadly, I've just fallen so out of the blogging loop. Did you miss me? I missed you all terribly!

BUT... of all the many plates that I'm spinning at the moment, one fairly major one has reached its deadline (eeek) and been submitted (double eeek!), so I've finally got a little bit of breathing space (not to mention a whole lot of clearing up to do!)

Next weekend I'm off to the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London, which I am RIDICULOUSLY excited for and a teeensy bit panicky because I'm teaching, and as yet, am quite unprepared. I am a black belt at "winging it" though, thankfully! Last year was so much fun, and I can't wait to be with my sewing besties again. Feel like I've been totally out of the loop recently!

I will be teaching crochet on the Friday afternoon, hopefully the attendee's will go away with something like this:

Or this:

With the view of making it into this:

Crochet Flower Cushion

I will also be helping out by trapsing a bunch of fabric enthusiasts down to the liberty talk on the friday morning, and milling around in Lu's and Trudi's classes to help anyone who gets stuck!

In case anyone's forgotten what I look like, this is me:

And yes, I do always look that impossibly glamorous. Ahem.... not. 


  1. I think we're all having that Eeek! moment right about now. So looking forward to seeing you.

  2. Glad that the deadlines were met. I think that everyone is in overdrive now. See you there. Di x

  3. Welcome back, and glad you've finally managed to get the deadline job all finished up! See you Friday. :o)

  4. Missed you, yes. 4 days, whooooooooooooo!!!!

  5. Winging it going on in this house too! The crochet looks so pretty, shame I didn't get your class :(

  6. I'm very excited about my first stab at crochet - it will be very easy to "wing it" with me as I know nothing!!

  7. Oh yes you do! Love the 2 tone hair! Can't wait to see the book! And of course to see you on Friday!! Jxo

  8. Punching of the air, wiping the brow and other cliches. Yay!!!

  9. Actually yes we have missed seeing a post from you in our inboxes - Love the glam look - hope yall have a blast - and I love the green pillow.

  10. Wish I was going that's for sure but (a) it was our grandson's Bar Mitzvah last month and we had to give him a mega present and yes I know we had thirteen years to save up but I can never save a penny and (b) could you please let me know it the venue is wheelchair friendly and (c) I just know you are going to have a totally brilliant time. So ENJOY. P xxx

  11. Yes, you were missed.I'm wondering if you have a tutorial for the second Granny Square ( the one that looks like a flower). So cute but I live in Pennsylvania , USA and can't really travel to London next weekend.
    You look lovely and I'm glad that you're back.


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